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Petit Guide de la Suisse Insolite / Made in Switzerland, 2007
...With her fine eye for detail and light touch as a writer, Mavis Guinard was a favorite contributor to the International Herald Tribune on a wide range of topics. In her hands, they were all enjoyable by readers. Her collection of her work is as overdue as it is welcome. In a word, Enjoy! Samuel Abt, Deputy Editor, International Herald Tribune

...Swiss history comes to life : a bilingual illustrated guide to Switzerland written in English and French takes readers off the beaten track and away from the cliches... In twenty chapters, the guide charts how the English invented tourism in the Alps. Swissinfo,

...Bien écrit, bien documenté, plein d’humour..
Olivier Pavillon,ancien conservateur du Musée Historique de Lausanne
...La Suisse insolite, c’est son inventivité : ses petits trains de montagne, ses barrages dans les Alpes, le luxe de ses longue vie de ses mythes, sa démocratie la Suisse touristique, une invention anglo-saxonne premiers grimpeurs, premiers lugeurs, premiers skieurs... Swissinfo,

...découvrir la Suisse autrement ...chaque chapitre fourmille d’anecdotes inédites sur notre histoire et notre société ... prétexte à une excursion aux quatre coins de la Suisse, hors des sentiers battus."
La Tribune de Genève, Marius Tschopp

...Journaliste américaine, établie en Suisse, Mavis Guinard s’est piquée de curiosité pour quelques mythes et réalités de l’histoire touristique et littéraire de la Suisse dans son invention moderne...cette Helvétie paysage, royaume des touristes anglais, patrie par hazard du Frankenstein de Mary Shelley et de Sherlock Holmes, On croyait tout connaître de cette histoire...mais on se replonge avec délectation dans les longues foulées de Robert Louis Stevenson ou la chasse aux papillons de Nabokov.
La Liberté,Fribourg, Jacques Sterchi


So Near and Yet So Far, Stories of Americans Abroad, "Sailing from War to Peace", 2006
The 24,000ton USS Washington had been sent by President Roosevelt to bring back 2,000 of the 40,000 Americans stranded in Europe by the blitzkrieg. The liner's sides were painted with American flags. Promised safe conduct by the nations at war, under this brave paint, floodlit at night, the refugee ship sailed alone with no convoy. The third day out we woke to clanging bells, feet racing down the passageways. Someone flung open our cabin door, "To the boat stations...hurry ... hurry!" Mother hustled me along. A pint-size veteran of ocean crossings, I protested "It's just a boat drill." At the boat station, a steward handed us life jackets and quieted me. "Hush, lass, it's a submarine." The engines stopped. The ship quivered then was still. Over the loudspeaker came the captain's order. "To the lifeboats ! Keep calm." >>>

What followed has always seemed a mystery to me.
If you were on that eventful journey in June 1940, I'd love to hear from you!!!
Mavis (Gaipa) Guinard,

Published by American Citizens Abroad (ACA)

MOST RECENT WORK Petit Guide de la Suisse Insolite /Made in Switzerland

A bilingual Literary travel guide (English- French) ISBN 978-2-88340-175-4
A sub attack in June 1940 on an US liner sent to rescue Americans stranded in France by the Nazi invasion.
Views of Lausanne
A photo album of Lausanne bracketed between an insider's memories and my outsiders' inside view of this city facing Lake Geneva and the Alps
My translation of the biography of the delirious mimes by Michel Buhler
This was the book they took along on their first American tour.
An anthology of Prison Writings
A French version of PEN's 75th anniversary This Prison Where I Live, which I edited and translated with the help of PEN suisse romande members